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Plastic Container Laundering in Armagh, Northern Ireland from Glenn drums recycling Ltd.

We can launder your containers, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new ones, so you can reuse your own containers which helps the environment and saves you money.

We will pick up or take delivery of your containers, remove all labels and ink, wash them thoroughly inside and out, remove all residues, leak test them, and return them to you clean and ready to be reused.

If any repairs are needed we can repair or replace whatever is needed.

IBC’s can also be foil sealed, tamper proofed (air tight) and hot air dried if necessary. All in all saving you a considerable amount of money on buying unnecessary new containers.

We are a very flexible company that can cope with the largest orders in the smallest amount of time, for those last minute or urgent orders.



At Glenn drums recycling Ltd we have own transport fleet and we pride ourselves in reliable delivery service. To ensure our clients delivery is on time every time in turn saving your company money.

We offer a first class 24 hour collection and delivery service.
We are fully compliant with leading
Waste Management Industry Bodies